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HyperChain Improvement Proposals (HIPs)

HyperChain Improvement Proposals (HIPs) describe standards for the HyperChain platform, including protocol, backend, frontend, infoational, process.


  1. Review HIP-0001.
  2. Fork the repository by clicking “Fork” in the top right.
  3. Add your HIP to your fork of the repository. There is a template HIP here.
  4. Submit a Pull Request to HyperChain’s HIPs repository.

Your first PR should be a first draft of the final HIP. It must meet the formatting criteria enforced by the build (largely, correct metadata in the header). An editor will manually review the first PR for a new HIP and assign it a number before merging it.

If your HIP requires images, the image files should be included in a subdirectory of the assets folder for that HIP as follows: resources/hip-N (where N is to be replaced with the HIP number). When linking to an image in the HIP, use relative links such as ../resources/hip-0001/image.png.

When you believe your HIP is mature and ready to progress past the draft phase, you should do the following:

  • Open a PR changing the state of your HIP to ‘Last Call’. An editor will review your draft and see if there is a rough consensus to move forward. If there are significant issues with the HIP - they may close the PR and request that you fix the issues in the draft before trying again.
  • Before moving to ‘Last Call’, a reference implementation of the HIP should be provided.

HIP Status Terms

  • Draft - a HIP that is undergoing rapid iteration and changes.
  • Proposed - a HIP that is done with its initial iteration and ready for review by a wide audience for two weeks.
  • Accepted - a HIP that has been in ‘Accepted’ for at least 2 weeks, any technical changes that were requested have been addressed by the author, and finally get approved by the HyperChain core developers.
  • Active - a HIP that has been released as a standard specification.
  • Cancelled - a HIP that has been canceled in progress.